Something Sketchy from Bolivia

Haha! Sorry my subject lines get worse every week. This one is a pun because  I´m gonna send you a picture of a sketch of my companion and I that another Hermana drew.

The other pictures are of me and a little kid with his bunnyIMG_2495
and the closest I have gotten to playing cello in my whole mission. (I missssssssss it.)
This was a good week, it passed by incredibly fast. It was weird because Hermana Jelves had to go to Cochabamba for 2 days to work on some of her visa stuff so I stayed with the sisters from the other ward in our chapel, Hermana Madsen and Hermana Howell. A fun fact about them is that the are from the US and Honduras and live on the corner of the streets `estados unidos`and `honduras.` cool, right? It was a fun couple days. I taught them how to make pancakes and learned a lot from their good examples of missionary work and then Hermana Jelves came back and that was the best! I love my companion.
Also this week the elders had 2 baptisms! We are so happy for them because they are seeing so many miracles. We tend to see miracles more like finding our lost cellphone than baptisms, but oh well.  The good news is that either way we can see God´s love.
Love you all,
Hermana Mitchell

Hello My Lovely Group of Friends

Hey everybody. this has been another week. Do you feel like time passes incredibly fast? I do. the only clue that I have that we are due for yet another Monday is that Sunday night I am always exhausted and I know that yes,indeed, I need the little bit of rest that Monday brings.

I am doing great though. this week we had some very good days and also some very hard ones. We try to recognize the little miracles in every day and that helps a lot. We had a couple days this week that were full of appointments but then every single one fell through. also one of our favorite friends, Victor, got a new job and now isn´t going to be here in the city for the next 20 days. We were like, okay, great, read your Book of Mormon while you´re gone, i guess… and then we resisted the temptation to go buy ice cream to cheer us up. Victor is so awesome because he just really wants to find what´s true. He understands everything really well, has been going to church for more than a month straight (never, ever happens here) and has the best questions! But now we aren’t going to see him in forever.

Seriously though, we have been seeing so many good things happen too. You just have to pay attention. One example is one of our friends, the Abastorflor Family. We visited them every single day this week to read the Book of Mormon together. They will have a lot of changes to make in their lives as they accept this gospel, But i know that there is no better way to help them than with the Book of Mormon. and i just love them so much, it is incredible.
Okay,  I´m gonna send you some pictures. Have a great week,

Photos from Bolivia

Okay, here we have a photo of a wild pig we saw the other day — whhhhaaaat?


Our cute investigator Astrid invited us to have lunch with her family
yesterday. It was a fun time except that we ate some weird part of the
chicken fried and also except for her dad flirting with us. He
mentioned that he is single about 10 times. hahaha.

And the other photo is me with a bunch of little kids whose moms work
in this market in our area. they all just hang around and they
get super excited when we pass by and want to be our friends so now we
are buddies.

Yep. Being a missionary is the best. It`s also rather the same every
single week so there`s not much to report but that´s okay.

Love you all!

Hermana Mitchell

On a scale from 1 to 10 how are you doing?

25! That is always the answer. (See Elder Sabin`s talk from general conference.) With Hermana Jelves we repeat that phrase about a million times a day. Usually after complaining about something. Like `it`s really hot. …but from 1 to 10, I’m about a 25!`It always makes us feel better.

Okay I have something special for you all today. The graffiti here is really funny because it is all declarations of love, and I have been collecting photos and now I am going to send them to you. (In a different email because that is going to work better…)obviously graffiti is really romantic.
and here are some other pictures for you.
Me and some of our friends, Maribel and Jessica, they are sisters and we are visiting almost their whole family. There are like 6 siblings and they each have their own kids. we`re are working hard to try to remember all of their names.) and today we went hiking with the zone. And we did painting as a service project this week. It was a good time.
I might say this every single week but  this mission is the best and I am learning so much here. I think you can hear something a million times but there is a moment when it just starts to sink into your heart and who you are and I feel like the gospel is doing that with me. It`s not complicated. God loves us and wants us to receive all that He has. The only way we can achieve that is applying the sacrifice of Christ in our lives, by believing in him, striving to put our lives in harmony with His will, and making promises with God under the proper authority and power that is found only in the restored gospel. There you go, I just summarized everything ever in a paragraph. Everything else is just details.
Love you all,

I live for you, I long for you Boliviaaaa!

Hey guys! another great week here in Sucre. I feel like we are working super hard, and running around all the time but its a good kind of tired, a satisfied kind.

Something really valuable that i feel like I am learning in my mission is how to listen to the spirit in order to do God`s will. A week ago we were waiting to meet up with this member who was going to go with us to visit someone when we saw this lady walking by carrying some shopping bags (we probably see that 1000 times a day) but I felt a little something that told me to help here with her bags. So we asked and we carried them to her house and we asked if we could visit her and her family and she said sure next week! So we went yesterday! and we ended up going early because Hermana Jelves said `hey i think we need to go to Doris now, what do you think?` And i was like `why?`and she said `let`s just pray about it and see how we feel.` So we prayed and the answer was subtle but definitely yes. So we went and it turned out that they when she said we could come over she had forgotten that is would be her son`s birthday. But it turns out that she remembered that we were coming so just cooked extra food! (We seriously eat so much) And we got to talk to her and her husband and they are the nicest and have Mormon cousins and are pretty excited about the idea of us visiting them regularly and believe in God but don`t really have a religion. In other words, super perfect and a family! We love to teach families! They have three kids (two that live with them still) and two grandkids. Oh and we are pretty sure that is really was important that we went earlier because we ended up staying al ittle long because we had to eat and also we are super grateful that we got there before anyone was drunk.
So we`ll see what happens but at the end of the day I`m just happy that both Hermana Jelves and I could listen to the spirit to be guided to meet some really cool new friends. It is quite obvious that this is God`s work and that He is doing all the heavy lifting here and we arIMG_2304 (1)e just blessed enough to be able to see it. The mission is the best.
Love you  all,
Hermana Mitchell

One year as a missionary –what have I learned?

So this past Wednesday marked exactly one year since I left my home and family to come here to Bolivia as a missionary. It has undoubtedly been the quickest, craziest, most fulfilling year of my life. While lots of the things I have learned can`t really be put into words, some of them can and I am honestly pretty proud of my progress so I`d like to share it with y`all.

In this year I have learned:
  • to speak Spanish! and even some words in quechua!
  • to cut and peel vegetables without a vegetable peeler or cutting board
  • to wash laundry without a laundry machine
  • how to use crazy Bolivian public transport
  • how to ignore catcalls like a pro (gringa! choca!)
  • what the price of the bread, milk, cookies, etc… should be in your neighborhood tiendita
  • that I can use Christ`s Atonement to become an embodiement of charity and that that is my goal
  • that God is at the helm, and it will all work out (despite my many many weaknesses)
  • that the guarantee to obtaining and keeping confidence in the restored gospel is reading the Book of Mormon everyday.
  • that I need to pray for and pay attention to the guidance of the Holy Ghost to become an instrument in God`s hand and a true convert to my Savior.
  • that hard work isn`t something to avoid
  • that exercise makes your day go well
  • that the most important thing to teach is The Atonement of Jesus Christ.
I love you all, thanks for your love and support.
Hermana Mitchell


Okay I am going to send you all some pictures and some explanations. Ready set go!

One of these is me with a salteña! The best Bolivian food there is!

This week we made pizza with a family we are teaching.
IMG_2073 (1)Baking is different at this altitude. (It didn`t turn out very well, and we are using that as my excuse.)
IMG_2107 (1)
I ordered a leather scripture case and I am very excited about it.
IMG_2148 (1)
annnd today i celebrated my birthday with my dear zone here in Sucre. They were kind enough to crack an egg on my head and shove my face in the cake.
IMG_2180 (1)
As far as what i always call `actual missionary work` goes, this was also a very good week. Three of our friends came to church with us yesterday. We are teaching some really cool families and we are finishing everyday exhausted so I know we are doing something right. In the mission right now we are focusing on a theme of a mission of miracles and I love it because I seriously see miracles every single day.
Love you all, and have a great week,