Buenas Tardes!

Hey everybody, here is your weekly report from your favorite gringa in Bolvia. 🙂

First of all, I have heard some complaints that I haven`t told you enough about my companion Hermana Jelves. She is super, super awesome and we get along really well. As far as I`m concerned that is the only important thing, whether we get along or not, but for those of you who like more detail, she studied a technical major of nursing and was working as a nurse before coming on the mission. When she goes home she wants to study to be a doctor. She loves french fries a lot but she also likes vegetables so I am eating more healthily with her than I was with Hermana Pardo. We are both super girly in that we love romantic movies (for those of you who are familiar with church movies, we watched Legacy and i quote it probably every day, mom you know which part…) and music and such and we end up talking about marriage a lot and also asking all of the couples we meet about how they met and fell in love. It’s the best but its also kind of the worst. haha.
As for this week, it was good and normal. I feel like when I got here this area wasn`t really seeing any progress so we ae building everything from the ground up but things are going well and its super encouraging to see progress. We see small miracles every day.
And lest i end on too spiritual of a note, I learned something funny about Bolivia this week that you can buy one cigarette. Like you don`t have to buy a pack, you can just buy one. That`s strange right? And something else funny is that there aren`t stop signs here. The drivers are insane and we almost die on a daily basis.
Have a great week, read the Book of Mormon, love you tons,
Hermana Mitchell

Wooooooo! Sucre.

So when you have cambios (transfers) there are always a couple typical questions or worries running through your head.

  • Will I get alnong well with my new comp? – YES! Hermana Jelves is a dear and we get along great.
  • Will my new pensionista be good? – yes again! Hermana Felicidad (feli for short) cooks super well and is super loving. I love having a pensionista that is like a mom to us.
  • How will the house be?- It`s little but super great and all the walls inside are PINK! what could be better?
  • The new area?- It is small, and we don`t have a ton of investiogators but I feel like I will definitely have the joy of seeing a lot of growth here and I am excited for that. It’s also weird because there is not a single dirt road which is super different from my last 2 areas.
  • The ward?- Also small. I feel like I already know the ward pretty well. They aren`t super supportive but I am excited to work with the members and get them excited about missionary work.
  • The other missionaries in the zone?- It seems super good. The best news by far is that I am now in the same zone with my dear friend Katie Garff again! She is actually one of my sister training leaders and I could not be happier about it! Also we share a ward with the zone leaders who are our good buddies so I am definitely among many friends here.
In other news, Saturday was Bolivian Mother`s day so very Happy Mother’s day! You can google why, apparently there is some cool story about a battle that women fought on May 27th and thats why it is always that day in Bolivia.
And here are some pictures for you all!
Love you and have a great week,
Hermana Mitchell


Well the worst part of having a companion you love and adore is when you have to leave her…   my hijita, Hermana Pardo, is all grown up. (Ok, she was a better missionary than me since day one but anyways; we finished her training,) And now she is going to train! And I am taking a flight tomorrow morning to my new area in Sucre! Everyone seems to LOVE Sucre so it should be a good thing and I will be with a other Chilena who has the same amount of time in the mission as Hna Pardo. She is named Hermana Jelves (remember that j sounds like H) and seems super sweet so I think it will be a good time. I am definitely sad to leave my area though, the ward here is seriously so supportive and we have baptisms coming up that I am going to miss. but leaving an area is a little bit like finishing high school when everyone finally tells you how much they love you and will miss you, so that`s fun. annnd here are some pictures of what missionary work in Bolivia looks like.

Love you tons and have a great week,

Hermana Mitchell

Hey, hey, hey, from Bolivia

Okay, here are some more fun things from Bolivia, as always.

 The indigenous language here is Quechua and this week hermana Pardo and I realized that any word can be in Quechua if you just mix it with the word `pickachu.`It’s super fun and I highly recommend it. We were doing it with Spanish but there is a possibility that it works with English too.
Saturday a cow tried to eat my dress. like seriously.  I walked away unharmed but covered in cow spit.
I have gotten super used to being 100% taller and blonder than every here but sometimes I remember just how weird i am to everyone and it is really funny. This week we were walking somewhere with the elders from our ward and apparently everyone was staring at me and one of them was like `is it always like this?` and I was like `what?`and they pointed it out to me and i realized how normal it has become and I just laughed.
Anyways, love you all tons, i hope you all read the Book of Mormon everyday because That is the key to everything ever, and I hope you have a great week!
Things we bought in the cancha last week- a charango and coordinating footsie pajamas.

Some Random Things from Bolivia

1. One of the recent converts in the ward had a baby and she wanted a unique name and one of the leaders in the ward suggested his own name, Brayden, and she ended up choosing it. what.

2. One of our other recent converts house is funny to visit because their bathroom isn´t connected to their house, its just a little stack of bricks with a tin roof to ake an outhouse (super bolivia) but it is right next to the front gate and when we knock and are waiting for someone to come to the door we can hear the person in the bathroom and it is SUPER uncomforable but also super funny.
3. Our zone leaders told us that they have a goal to say the word baptism at least twice in every lesson, and we have been trying to do that too and it is great. we probably said some form of the word baptism a 200 times in 1 day. i love just being upfront with people that that is the goal and also connecting it to faith and repentance and how they need to do something and put in their part to see if the things we are teaching are true because we are trying to progress here, not just share nice messages.
4. Whenever people are home but they don´t want to come to the door they always send their kids out with the same lie. ¨She went to the cancha.¨ The cancha is the huge open air market in the center of Cochabamba. its the coolest, but i wish the kids would stop lying.
Have a great week,
Hermana Mitchell

El domingo llegará

That means that Sunday will come and that was our motto this week. Because Monday we shared a message with a family about that talk, it’s a good one look it up. And then our week went really badly (just a lot of bad luck) but we just kept saying ¨el domingo llegará.¨ Not like literally but like we are going to get out of this bad moment. And it did! But we did have to wait until Sunday. It was the best though. This investigator family that is going through a MILLION problems was already on the bus when we hopped on to go to church on Sunday. And it was the biggest shock and miracle and tender mercy because I never in a million years thought they would get up the strength and courage to face church this week. And the look on the elders faces when we walked in with them was priceless. So guys, remember, however dark your Friday (or in my case the whole week) may be, Sunday will come! God loves us!

Fun fact- we were eating dinner with this recent convert family last night and there were like, this is a special occasion so we brought out he forks! And i realized that that is super Bolivian to just eat everything with a spoon or your hands. And not because all the food is easy to eat! Try pulling chicken off the bone with a spoon.
Love you all,
Hermana Mitchell

A Baptism and a Wedding-a very crazy week

Last week I was reading the group email from my MTC comp (shout out to Hermana Bitter, she is the BEST) when I laughed out loud at this sentence, ¨BUT they also had to get married which is SUPER hard here in Bolivia and it seems like they always fall through. NO ONE Is married here. I don’t know why.¨ because it rings painfully true.


This week my dear friends Beatriz and Luis Fernando finally got married. We had a date planned on 3 previous occasions and this time everything worked out. And then Beatriz got baptized! (Luis is already a member, just coming back to church.) And it all happened Saturday and we were in the chapel for 7 hours because Hermana Pardo and I single handedly cleaned and got everything ready.


Which is how it normally is for baptisms, just with a wedding there was a lot more to get ready. But it was all worth it and my favorite part of it all is how Beatriz keeps saying, ¨And one year from now we´ll be married in the temple!¨ and sealed to their three little demons. (Oh, I meant kids, hehe.) IMG_1639So here are some assorted pics of wedding prep and baptism and being exhausted. Oh also a funny thing that happened is that we were starting the baptism when we realized that no one had the key to open the font… I just assumed the bishop has all the keys but you should never assume. We started late, but oh well.



Have a great week,
Hermana Mitchell