I feel like this was a really good week, more than anything in my progress as a person and in our progress together in our companionship. Something that we both really got out of General Conference was Elder Rasband´s talk about acting on the first prompting. I can really tell that we are both trying had to follow the guidance of the spirit and we had two really cool experiences with that this week. One was last Monday when our appointment fell through and we were walking to our back up plan when we saw a girl sitting down on the side of the street. I had the thought, ‘oh maybe we should talk to her.” But…. she was on the other side and there was a canal in the middle and we had to go out of our way to walk around so I was like mehhh maybe not. But Hermana Pardo said to me ¨Hey should we go talk to her?¨and so we did and we gave her the Easter pass along card and she told us that this was exactly what she needed right now and she opened up to us about a bunch of her problems but how she knows that Christ will never abandon her and she told us that she wants to come to church. Unfortunately she doesn’t live in our area but we passed her reference along. It was a really great moment for me to recognize how I had almost missed a perfect opportunity to share the gospel for my laziness of not wanting to walk around to the other side of the street, but how thanks to the example of my companion we were able to take advantage of that moment. The other cool experience that we had was a different time that our appointment fell through later in the week. We have been noticing that in the videos that we are watching for 12 weeks, they pray a lot, and so we decided to pray for guidance to know how we could best use our time in this moment. And I had the feeling that we should go to the house of this family who some are recent converts and some are investigators. And it didn´t really make sense because we had an appointment with them the next day, but I had learned my lesson about just doing what the spirit tells you to so we went and it turned out that the daughter was struggling with a lot of things that we never could have imagined but we arrived at the precise moment to help her out and let her know that God literally sent us to her because he loves her. So anyways, it was a good week.

I hope you all have a great week and enjoy some of these pictures I am going to send! Also I have a fun Bolivia fact for you! In some of the hospitals here they give your placenta back to you after you give birth and it is a tradition to let it float down the river. And one of our investigators has hers in the freezer and her baby is more than a year old but her mom won´t let her throw it away because she keeps saying that she is going to take it to float it down the river. I pointed out that it is taking up precious space that ice cream could be occupying. 
love you all,
Hermana Mitchell

Hermana Mitchell here

This was a good week. One of the more interesting things was that Thursday we did a service activity with the zone helping this lady build her house! It was fun to do a little bit of hard labor because I almost never do.
Mitchell It was also nice to be able to hang out with the zone this week because we had transfers and some people are leaving the zone.
zonealamosAs for me and my comp we are just staying. Everything is normal, normal, and we couldn´t be happier. Here are some nice photos of us in our happiness taken by a ward member with a nice camera. Hope you all have a great week!
Love ,
Hermana Mitchell

I love my companion, my area, the mission, and Bolivia – the saga continues

Hi everybody! This has been another lovely week. Well actually my comp told me that it seems like I am getting more tired and frustrated everyday which might be little true because it was a tiring week (but not without it’s really good parts) and the good news is that we are starting  new week! The good parts of this week were that we got to go to the temple! I love the temple! So much! And also because we had general conference! Listening to the prophet and apostles is the best, best, best! The are so inspired and I just love to see the examples of men and women whose lives are so dedicated to serving Christ. It definitely gives me new energies to give this work my all!

Here is a fun Bolivia fact for you because I know I am slacking in that department a little- they sell liquids in bags here. Water, milk, yogurt, juice, chocolate milk, and probably much more. Not Coca-Cola though, which is really saying something because that is the beverage of choice here. Okay, I hope you enjoyed that fun fact and that I haven´t already told it to you before… I also hope you have a lovely week and set exciting new goals for your life based on all the lovely conference talks you heard. (And if you didn´t listen to conference because you don´t know what that is or something else, just google it and check it out.)

Hermana Mitchell

Some Photos from Hermana Mitchell

Guys, guys, guys!

Okay there is not really anything that exciting. In fact this week was not thaaaat great of a week, but I still just love being a missionary. I don´t know if you remember or realized that my first couple months were kind of hard but we are so over that because now I am happier than ever. So it was worth it. It helps a lot that I love my comp a lot and that we are a good team. I feel like we are doing really good things and working really hard. I am always happiest when I feel like I really am putting in my full effort. (And I would be even happier if I saw that it was paying off, but I have faith that it will.) We are trying hard to do things that actually work and really help and be good representatives of Christ rather than just fill our time. And we are also having fun! Sharing the gospel is the happiest thing. And I love that the first thing and the center of all of our teaching is the Atonement. And we teach so much that people don’t understand. Not only did He die on the cross but He also suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane. Not only did He suffer for our sins, but also for our pains. We can use His sacrifice not just to be good when we were bad, but to be better, when we already were good. Just think about the difference that understanding and applying that makes. Anyways, love you all,
Hermana Mitchell
PS here are some pictures we took this week 🙂

My Dear Darling Group Email List

Hello Everybody,

This has been another good week here in Bolivia but honestly I can´t remember anything interesting to tell you. I still love my comp; she is the cutest, works hard, and we get along really well. It has been raining almost every day and I have realized the genius of paved roads. Pavement = no mud. Unfortunately we do not have a lot of that in our area.

One highlight from the week was Saturday when we went to the temple with our recent convert Henry. He was able to be baptized for his dad and the daughter of the family that introduced him to the church was baptized for his mom. It was a very tender experience and there was an incredibly sweet spirit. I am so grateful for the opportunity to help families join the church on both sides of the veil.

Have a great week,

Love you all,




PS Today we went to the cancha and bought some aguayo (hopefully that is how you spell it, but somehow I doubt it) and when we got home we practiced how we are going to use it to carry our babies someday like all the women here in Bolivia do. Also you should google what the cancha in Cochabamba is because I don´t think i have ever explained it, and it´s super cool, but I don´t really have time right now. Well that should explain the photo.


Hey great news, this whole training thing is a piece of cake when your companion comes as prepared as mine! Her name is Hermana Pardo and one cool fact is that her cousin in in our same mission! So she is a little famous in the mission. She is from Chile (Santiago, her ward is the ward with the temple for anyone who is familiar with Santiago). She is 22 years old (I actually got to celebrate her birthday with her this past Friday). IMG_0744She is studying fashion design, and I can already tell that she is one of my favorite comps I’ve ever had. We get along well. I help her with her English and she helps me with my Spanish. She teaches really beautifully and has a lot of love for the people here and for God and it shows. Things are good here in our cute area ¨La Floresta!¨ I hope you all have as great of a week as I had, and if not, I´m praying for you!

Hermana Mitchell
annnnd here are some pictures from the week, among these includes me trying to make a phone call in spite of a dog, the cake I bought for my comps birthday (I already had the candle and a lighter because like a boy scout – be prepared) and us together.


GUYS, GUYS, GUYS! Every six weeks we get calls on Sunday night telling us where we will be and who our companion will be for the next six weeks. Sometimes we stay with the same comp, or sometimes they leave, or sometimes you leave, and it’s a whole stressful exciting thing. But this time I already knew that my comp had to go because she finished her mission and I actually already said bye to her and was with my new buddy Hermana Parker (whose comp also left) freaking out last night. And we got the call and I am TRAINING! I will have a brand new missionary as my companion and I´m super excited about it. I won´t find out who it is though until Wednesday so you will have to wait until next week to hear about her. It was the craziest thing because President Hansen always calls those who are going to train earlier in the evening but for some reason he didn´t call me last night so when we got the call from our zone leader I was not expecting it at all.

In other news, today and tomorrow are Carnivales which is a south american holiday before lent where everyone drinks a lot and has water fights (well here that’s what they do) and apparently its a little bit dangerous so we are stuck inside all day today (right now is the only time we were allowed to leave) and tomorrow.Its super weird to not be working, I don´t know what to do with myself. Also since my comp left, I´m in the house of Hermana Parker and everything is super weird. Walking to the internet here we got splashed with water twice.
Annnnyways, i love you all, I love being a missionary, pray for me extra in these coming days because let’s be real, I´m not prepared to teach someone how to be a missionary. I got here like two days ago, and remember that the gospel is like a recipe for happiness: keep the commandments, focus your life on Christ and repent every day. That is my very best advice that I give to people all day every day (except for the days that I am stuck inside- today)
Hermana Mitchell